Monday, March 24, 2014

Broken Cards 6: How to Beat Outrageous Rarity

Currently we are running out of truly broken cards from the Premier set, so I might as well talk about the elephant in the room, Rarity Truly Outrageous. This card is ridiculously broken, you could even say redonkulous (I won't, but you could)

Because of the lack of reactive control in the premier set there is almost nothing that the opponent can do to stop this card from steam rolling. The way this card is broken is obvious, so I'm going to do something a bit different today and talk about how you might be able to counter it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Special Treat: Hot Topic Alternate Foil Decks 11$ each

Hello Everypony!

I've been on a business trip this last week, and I technically work for a "competing" game company, so I couldn't post anything to the blog while I was out. But I'm back now and free to post an amazing discovery. is currently holding a 15% off online purchases sale, and they seem to have just gotten a new shipment of the Alternate foil MLP CCG theme decks. So if you've been wanting to get your hands on a foil Rarity or Applejack mane character card now is your chance. This is perfect for those of you who don't have hot topics nearby or who's hottopics were immediately sold out.

These decks are still going for 25-30$ on ebay, but they're only 11$ on right now. At that price it's worth it to by a couple decks just to get the fixed rarity cards that they contain. I already bought one of each on ebay for 25$, like a sucker, but I just got a few more.

Here is a direct link to the product pages for both decks:
Foil Rarity Deck
Foil Applejack Deck

Go get your decks now. Sales on collectors cards are rare and sales on alternate specialty versions are even rarer. If you hold on to sealed versions of these decks far a few years they might be worth considerably more (assuming the game continues to do well).

Friday, March 7, 2014

Broken Cards Episode 5: Gotta Catch 'Em All.

Today's Broken cards is going to focus on the only Problem card that qualifies as broken. There aren't many that fit into this category, so I'll just go ahead and reveal it before the jump: May the Best Pet Win. That's why I called the article Gotta Catch 'Em All. You know, pet's battling, like Pokemon...


Saturday, March 1, 2014

News from Enterplay: Preview of Canterlot Nights and Multiplayer Rules!

Recently Enterplay announced via Equestria Daily that they have been working on a Beta version of Multiplayer rules and also took the opportunity to spoil an awesome new promo card from Canterlot Nights.

You can take a look at the PDF version of the rules beta here.

And below is the new promo, a brand new Princess Luna friend card.

This card looks pretty solid, 4 cost for 3 power is a bit underwhelming, but that on enter play ability is extremely good. Chances are this is going to be included in the Walmart version of the Ponies tins, so keep your eyes out when you venture into Walmart in the near future.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Broken Cards Episode 4: A Madman with a Box

Alright, so this week I might be going out on a limb, but every single CCG playing nerve in my body is telling me this card is broken, and that's an instinct I have been building for 20 years.

The card in question is not really used right now. It's clearly powerful, but it hasn't found it's niche in the meta. In fact, I'm not sure it'll find it's place in the meta for quite a while. Despite this, it's still a fan favorite, and an Ultra-Rare. It has great flavor and serious nerd cred. Of course, I'm talking about Dr. Hooves Unblinking.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MLP CCG Draft Rules! Germany Comes to the Rescue.


Today we have a special treat from Germany. Although they were late to the party in terms of release date the German publisher of the MLP CCG, Amigo Games, has been the first to release an official set of rules for how to play draft tournaments.

If you do not know what Draft tournaments are, then you are sorely missing out on some serious fun. Draft tournaments are played by participants opening sealed packs of cards, passing them around the table getting one card from each pack that is passed to them, and constructing a deck out of the cards that they pick. It's a fun way to play that levels the playing field and has been popular in Magic: the Gathering as well as several other TCGs for years.

All you need is a handful of other players and 3 sealed booster packs each. Happy Drafting!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Collector's Tins with CCG Promos. Will we get an Early release of Luna's Mane Character?

Just a couple of hours ago, Enterplay announced on their Facebook page that they are soon releasing three collector's tins which will include Pony CCG promo cards. These are those tins:

Rarity Tin

The rarity tin will be available at available at Target stores soon, and will include Promo #5 "Rarity, Dragon Charmer". No information about this promo is available yet and is definitely one to watch. If this tin is the only source of the Promo, expect it to be worth a considerable amount.

Twilight Tin

The Twilight Sparkle tin will be available at Hot Topic stores, and will include a copy of Twilight Sparkle Research Student. This promo has already been released and is relatively cheap on eBay at the moment, so this tin probably won't be in great demand.

Luna Tin

The Priness Luna tin will be available at Walmart, TRU, and Meijer stores soon, and is the most exciting of them all. The promo included is going to be a preview card from the next set Canterlot Nights! What will it be? It could be a cruddy random card from the set that will be worth nothing, it could be an exclusive parallel art promo, it could even be an early release of the Luna Mane Character! Expect this tin to be highly in demand.

*EDIT* Enterplay just spoiled this Princess Luna promo card from Canterlot Nights. I'd be willing to bet that this is the promo included in the Luna collectors tin.

I'll be keeping my eyes and ears out for release dates on these collector's tins and will post a new article as soon as more information is available.