Monday, March 24, 2014

Broken Cards 6: How to Beat Outrageous Rarity

Currently we are running out of truly broken cards from the Premier set, so I might as well talk about the elephant in the room, Rarity Truly Outrageous. This card is ridiculously broken, you could even say redonkulous (I won't, but you could)

Because of the lack of reactive control in the premier set there is almost nothing that the opponent can do to stop this card from steam rolling. The way this card is broken is obvious, so I'm going to do something a bit different today and talk about how you might be able to counter it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Special Treat: Hot Topic Alternate Foil Decks 11$ each

Hello Everypony!

I've been on a business trip this last week, and I technically work for a "competing" game company, so I couldn't post anything to the blog while I was out. But I'm back now and free to post an amazing discovery. is currently holding a 15% off online purchases sale, and they seem to have just gotten a new shipment of the Alternate foil MLP CCG theme decks. So if you've been wanting to get your hands on a foil Rarity or Applejack mane character card now is your chance. This is perfect for those of you who don't have hot topics nearby or who's hottopics were immediately sold out.

These decks are still going for 25-30$ on ebay, but they're only 11$ on right now. At that price it's worth it to by a couple decks just to get the fixed rarity cards that they contain. I already bought one of each on ebay for 25$, like a sucker, but I just got a few more.

Here is a direct link to the product pages for both decks:
Foil Rarity Deck
Foil Applejack Deck

Go get your decks now. Sales on collectors cards are rare and sales on alternate specialty versions are even rarer. If you hold on to sealed versions of these decks far a few years they might be worth considerably more (assuming the game continues to do well).

Friday, March 7, 2014

Broken Cards Episode 5: Gotta Catch 'Em All.

Today's Broken cards is going to focus on the only Problem card that qualifies as broken. There aren't many that fit into this category, so I'll just go ahead and reveal it before the jump: May the Best Pet Win. That's why I called the article Gotta Catch 'Em All. You know, pet's battling, like Pokemon...


Saturday, March 1, 2014

News from Enterplay: Preview of Canterlot Nights and Multiplayer Rules!

Recently Enterplay announced via Equestria Daily that they have been working on a Beta version of Multiplayer rules and also took the opportunity to spoil an awesome new promo card from Canterlot Nights.

You can take a look at the PDF version of the rules beta here.

And below is the new promo, a brand new Princess Luna friend card.

This card looks pretty solid, 4 cost for 3 power is a bit underwhelming, but that on enter play ability is extremely good. Chances are this is going to be included in the Walmart version of the Ponies tins, so keep your eyes out when you venture into Walmart in the near future.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Broken Cards Episode 4: A Madman with a Box

Alright, so this week I might be going out on a limb, but every single CCG playing nerve in my body is telling me this card is broken, and that's an instinct I have been building for 20 years.

The card in question is not really used right now. It's clearly powerful, but it hasn't found it's niche in the meta. In fact, I'm not sure it'll find it's place in the meta for quite a while. Despite this, it's still a fan favorite, and an Ultra-Rare. It has great flavor and serious nerd cred. Of course, I'm talking about Dr. Hooves Unblinking.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MLP CCG Draft Rules! Germany Comes to the Rescue.


Today we have a special treat from Germany. Although they were late to the party in terms of release date the German publisher of the MLP CCG, Amigo Games, has been the first to release an official set of rules for how to play draft tournaments.

If you do not know what Draft tournaments are, then you are sorely missing out on some serious fun. Draft tournaments are played by participants opening sealed packs of cards, passing them around the table getting one card from each pack that is passed to them, and constructing a deck out of the cards that they pick. It's a fun way to play that levels the playing field and has been popular in Magic: the Gathering as well as several other TCGs for years.

All you need is a handful of other players and 3 sealed booster packs each. Happy Drafting!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Collector's Tins with CCG Promos. Will we get an Early release of Luna's Mane Character?

Just a couple of hours ago, Enterplay announced on their Facebook page that they are soon releasing three collector's tins which will include Pony CCG promo cards. These are those tins:

Rarity Tin

The rarity tin will be available at available at Target stores soon, and will include Promo #5 "Rarity, Dragon Charmer". No information about this promo is available yet and is definitely one to watch. If this tin is the only source of the Promo, expect it to be worth a considerable amount.

Twilight Tin

The Twilight Sparkle tin will be available at Hot Topic stores, and will include a copy of Twilight Sparkle Research Student. This promo has already been released and is relatively cheap on eBay at the moment, so this tin probably won't be in great demand.

Luna Tin

The Priness Luna tin will be available at Walmart, TRU, and Meijer stores soon, and is the most exciting of them all. The promo included is going to be a preview card from the next set Canterlot Nights! What will it be? It could be a cruddy random card from the set that will be worth nothing, it could be an exclusive parallel art promo, it could even be an early release of the Luna Mane Character! Expect this tin to be highly in demand.

*EDIT* Enterplay just spoiled this Princess Luna promo card from Canterlot Nights. I'd be willing to bet that this is the promo included in the Luna collectors tin.

I'll be keeping my eyes and ears out for release dates on these collector's tins and will post a new article as soon as more information is available.

Broken Cards Episode 3: The Chase is On!

This week's Broken Cards focuses on another popular selection, Cloudchaser Flexible Flier. I have been hearing talk about how good this card is from many sources and it is pretty dang good.

Is it as broken as the previous 2 cards in the Broken Cards articles? I'm not convinced of that. But from the perspective of the cards that are currently available, it is broken.

The beauty of Cloudchaser comes from her acceleration. She gives you an Action Token advantage that can start turn one and just get more and more out of control. This is because she is one of the very few cards that effectively generates action tokens, and she is one of the most reliable.

Why is it Broken?

There are obvious parallels with the effect of this card and with Twilight Sparkle All Team Organizer. Both exhaust to grant Action Token advantage. But Twilight Sparkle can have her action token spent on anything, so why is Cloudchaser Better? And how can it be broken if a common that most people don't care about does almost the same thing. Versatility!

Monday, February 17, 2014

PonyHead brings a solid deck builder to the table

PonyHead is an awesome resource for fans of the MLP CCG, so much so I almost feel bad for not having written an article about it until this point. Seriously, go check it out, I'll wait here.

It has an incredibly simple to use Deck Builder with full card images so that you can browse for the perfect card. It also makes it really easy to reconstruct a deck you've built from physical cards so that you can share it online.

It also has a card search utility, but it seems to be less functional than the deck builder since you can only search by card's names and not by rules text. The advaced search allows you to filter by cost and threshold as well, but rules text is still missing.

I'll be using PonyHead to share future decks on this site, it's just that good.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Is Ursa Vanquisher Broken ~or~ How to Vanqush the Vanquisher

I've been hearing rumblings on the interwebs that a number of players are complainging about the balance of the card "Twilight Sparkle Ursa Vanquisher". The theory is that it is too powerfull because of the fact that it allows you to repeatedly move opponent's friends home.

The card reads as follows:

Main Phase: While this card is at a problem, you may exhaust and put it into your hand. If you do, move up to 2 of your opponent's characters home.

It is a powerfull card, and that is a powerfull effect. But is it broken?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Broken Cards: Episode 2 Electric Boogaloo

So, for this week's installment of Broken Cards I'm going a bit more mainstream. This card is talked about all throughout the meta-game and is used in most competitive decks. It is versatile and usable in decks of any color. It can clench the game for you if it's in your starting hand, is playable first turn, and is liable to make your opponents groan when they see it. You know it, You love it...

Better MLP CCG Price Guide

I'm not one to insist the things I do are perfect, far from it. So when I found someone's new MLP CCG price guide, that automagically searched the web for the best prices for various MLP CCG singles at card retailers, I knew that my previous price guide had been beat!

This guide does not take into account eBay prices, but it does compile prices from 6 different smaller online retailers who frequently post on eBay, which forces their prices to be competitive. What's more it tells you exactly which store has the best price at the moment, so you can give them a visit and buy the cards you need at the best price.

I don't know who run's the website, and the main site seems to be in Czech, but... I salute you anonymous Czech web programmer! You have contributed something cool to the Pony CCG fandom.


Our friend who made this price guide is no longer anonymous! Thanks Jan for commenting and letting us know who you are. This price guide is a huge help. Keep up the good work :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

OCTGN Project Brings MLP CCG to Cyberspace

Those of you who are a bit techy may have already heard of OCTGN, the single best open source online table top gaming platform. For those that haven't, it's pretty much a project, made by a number of different people, that allows you to play various tabletop games over the internet, for free. This includes various board games, card games, role-playing games, and now includes the My Little Pony CCG.

If you haven't played the MLP CCG yet, or don't have anyone to play with in your area, the new OCTGN MLP CCG project will allow you to play a few games over the internet with friends of your choice. It's not perfectly stable right now, but is being worked on at a very rapid pace, for an Open Source project, by some very dedicated developers.

Go ahead, give it a try, and let us know what you think in the comments:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Troll and Toad now supporting MLP CCG!

As an avid ccg player for years I am very familiar with Troll and Toad, a premier website for buying and selling cards from a variety of card games. When I woke up this morning I was greeted by the pleasent surprise that they have started to support the My Little Pony CCG by selling singles.

Alot of cards are out of stock currently, but they have a decent selection available. They are selling for retail prices, which are at the higher end of my price guide (or even above in some cases), but you should still consider giving them some of your business. The more stores that turn profit selling MLP CCG singles, the more stores that will begin selling MLP CCG singles. They do sell Booster Boxes and Booster Packs for a relativly decent price, so if you want to avoid the rigamarole of eBay, Troll and Toad is now a viable option for sealed cards as well.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Booster Box Opening Pictorial ~ 36 Packs Cracked and I still want more.

Box Opening #1

Today Im going to share with you a pictorial of my latest box opening. I hope this lets you get a better idea of what to expect if you are planning on getting a booster box of your own.

Broken Cards "Episode 1"

This is the first in a series of posts that details cards that are completely and utterly broken. The cards detailed here will be the ones to watch for speculators and players alike because you will begin to see them used heavily in the metagame, which will drive their prices upward!!

For the first "episode" I'm going to talk about a card that may not be so obvious to some of you, one that isn't an Ultra-Rare, and one that you probably have in your collection if you've cracked a few packs. Namely, I'm going to talk about Let's Get This Party Started.

The second I saw Let's Get This Party Started I knew it was an awesome card. Having played Magic the Gathering for a long time it was hard to not make the comparison to Ancestral Recall, a card that costs 700$ and does exactly the same thing for the same price.

In Ponies CCG the play dynamic is a bit different from magic, so don't expect this uncommon to become worth quite that much; for instance, ponies players can always pay 1 Action Token to draw a card, whereas card draw is much more limited in Magic. But, don't let that put a damper on your enthusiasm, drawing 3 cards for 1 Action is still amazingly good, let me explain why.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Messing with the Metagame ~or~ The Apple Pie Festival.

Hey Everyone! Today I'm going to talk about this blogs first Featured Deck, my own personal concoction which is lovingly called "Apple Pie Festival".

The deck flies in the face of the current meta (which is in love with Rarity) by leading with the underdog, Applejack. It is Orange/Pink and pretty scrappy in fight. I've won 9/10 games played with this deck and have faced off against White/Blue, Blue/White, and Pink/Yellow.

The deck is, in Magic parlance, a control deck, in that it focuseds on keeping board control by dismissing or diminishing opponents friends while simultaneously keeping card advantage by drawing cards and forcing your opponent to discard their hand.


Sorry for the bad image, I'm going to have to get a
light diffuser to take pictures of decks properly
in the future.
Mane Pony
Applejack, Steadfast Farmpony
Berry Dreams3
Drill Bit3
Granny Smith3
Applejack, Plant Leader2
Cherry Jubilee2
Dance Fever2
Pinkie Pie, Ice Cutter2
Silver Spanner2
Apple Brown Betty1
Big Mac1
Lyra Heartstrings1
Sunny Smiles1
Downright Dangerous3
Let's Get This Party Started3
A Vision of the Future1
Here's Your Invitation1
Too Much Pie3
Assault Cake1
Heart's Desire1
Rediculous Outfit1
Sweet Apple Acres1
Yellow Parasprite2
Runaway Cart (Starting Problem)1
Hungry Hungry Caterpillars2
Raze This Barn2
Want It, Need It!2
Adventures in Foalsitting1
Mean Meanie Pants1
My Pinkie Sense is Tingling1

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's in a Booster Box? How hard is it to get a full set?

I have currently cracked into a total of 5 booster boxes since I started playing MLP CCG (don't judge me), so I have decent amount of experience with what you can expect from cracking into a sealed box.

First off, each sealed box contains 36 booster packs, each one containing 12 semi-random cards which includes 1 rare, 3 uncommons, and 8 commons with a 1/3 chance of including a foil or ultra-rare instead of a common. The reason I say semi-random is because, so far, every box I have opened has the exact same number of foils and ultra-rares. A box of 36 will probably contain 3 ultra-rares, 9 foils, and 36 rares. I say probably, because I have been a card game industry insider and know that there is always some randomization magic that is included to throw off box-mapping and that could throw off the numbers if a pack is removed for randomization purposes that contained a foil.

There seems to also be some assurance that you don't get any duplicates of rares, foils, or ultra-rares in a single box, which actually indicates that boxes may be able to be mapped after all. I also got 3 sequentially serial-numbered boxes from the same distributer which contained minimal duplicate rares and no duplicate foils amongst all 3.

It seems to me that there is also no difference in rarity between a foil-common and a foil-rare, meaning that you have greater chances of getting a bonus rare than you otherwise would in other games, such as Magic the Gathering.

So far with 5 boxes opened I have a full set of all rares and several playsets of the uncommons and commons. With 15 Ultra-Rares I have gotten insanely lucky and only pulled two duplicates, Philomena and Lyra Heartstrings, so I am super close to a full set of Ultra-Rares as well. I did get several duplicate foils, but I am pretty close to a full set there as well. I am guessing it would take an average of 8-10 boxes to complete one full set, so a case of 12 probably has one guaranteed, judging by the previously mentioned no-repeats guarantee. That is if you don't include the Fixed cards that are required to come from preconstructed decks. It is worth noting that although foil versions of all 6 Mane Ponies have been printed, with the foil Applejack and Rarity coming from Hot-Topic exclusive starter decks, there are only non-foil versions of two ponies making a full non-foil set impossible to acquire... yet.

Also, bonus conjecture. In 4 out of 5 boxes that I opened, one of the top two packs contained an Ultra-rare. I cannot say for certain that this is a pattern, as I could just have gotten lucky, but if you get the opportunity to crack a box yourself, let us know what you see in your top two packs in the comments!

Where to Buy MLP CCG.

There are alot of people that are currently looking to buy MLP CCG cards, but cannot find a local game store which sells them. To those people I have two pieces of advice:

1: Ask the gamestore to stock MLP CCG, and while you're at it ask them to hold MLP CCG events. The more stores that stock and participate in the MLP CCG community the more likely this game is to succeed. Even better, offer to host MLP CCG events at their location so that they don't have to worry about it.

2: Go online, but be wary. There are loads of locations online that are currently stocking the MLP CCG. Right now is also the time to buy it, before it gets big. There are sealed booster boxes on eBay and various other websites that sell for close to wholesale ($75-80 incl. shipping) and you can find booster packs for as little as $2.50 sometimes. Just don't be fooled into buying a booster box for over 100$ or a pack for 9 bucks until the set is out of print.

If you are interested in buying singles, that's another problem. eBay prices are all over the place at the moment and the secondary market hasn't settled down. Judging by the fact that you are almost guaranteed to pull over 80$ worth of cards from a booster box, prices are going to go down once reliable secondary market channels are in place. If you want to be informed in your purchasing, take a look at my Price Guide.

My Little Pony CCGs most Confusing Rules Explained!

There are several problems with the current iteration of the rulebook, but a few problems that people run into when playing stick out in particular:

Do I get points for Confronting a Problem event when I have to Faceoff against my Opponent?
Yes, yes you do. The Score phase is split up into several steps, one of which is confronting problems, in which you score 1 point (plus bonus points for unclaimed problems) for each problem you are able to confront. Only after the confrontation do you get the opportunity to Face-Off against an opponent.

When Can I Faceoff against a Troublemaker?
You can only faceoff against troublemakers during the second step of your troublemaker phase. Therefore you cannot move ponies to a location before confronting a troublemaker on your turn. This also means that cards that can only be played during your main phase that boost a pony's power and wear off at the end of the turn cannot help when facing troublemakers. This DOES allow people to faceoff against a troublemaker and then confront a problem and/or faceoff against their opponent during their score phase.

Do my Mane Pony and Resources count towards my Home Limit?
No, neither do. The home limit only limits the number of Friends at that location. Also, the Home Limit is checked only at the end of the turn, so you cannot dismiss ponies because you exceed your home limit before your end step in order to trigger combos.

How do the Cards that grant additional "Colored Power" Work?
Cards that grant +1Purple +1Orange, or +2Blue, or anything similar, increase the total power of the target by the total amount and grant them the colors mentioned. This can turn them into two (or even three) color friends, but, this doesnt mean that they can solve your problems all by themself! A pony must choose which color requirement they are contributing towards when they confront your problem, sorry Mono-Color decks.

If you have any other pressing questions or stories about rules you were misunderstanding please post them in the comments. I'm going to try and do several articles of this kind in the future and will feature your suggestions when possible.

First Expansion Set, Canterlot Nights Announced. Based on Magic the Gathering's Arabian Nights?

Recently Enterplay announced the second set, and first expansion, for the MLP CCG. The set is called Canterlot Nights and promises to focus more on the intrigue surrounding the royal city. Both princesses, Luna and Celestia, will be available as Mane Ponies and there are said to be new versions of the 6 original Mane Ponies, as well. The booster pack art features a small Changeling-pony and
DJ Pon3, so hopefully we'll be seeing them as well.

If we are to believe what Enterplay has told us about their plans for the future in recent media then we may also see Mane Ponies featured in booster packs, less problems in boosters, and a clarified rule book.

The set is scheduled for release in April 2014, which makes it come out 4 months after the initial set, precisely the same interval between the release of Magic the Gatherings first general release and it's similarly named first expansion Arabian Nights. Me thinks that there are some Magic Players on staff at Enterplay, perhaps in the future we can look forward to the releases of Antiquities and Legends themed sets as well. ;)


MLP CCG Price Guide

Hey Everyone!

I just started playing the MLP CCG recently, but I immediately became interested in collecting all of the cards. I began by searching eBay, like everyone else, but was discouraged by the fact that the prices are so eratic right now that it's hard to know when you're getting a good deal and when you're getting ripped off. So today I sat down and combed through all of the data I could find online and put together a price list.

It is primarily based on eBay sales over the last two weeks, but for some cards I had to fall back on retail web sites. Commons and Uncommons that I could not find prices for I put at 5c and 10c respectively, this is based on years of playing and collecting Magic the Gathering and I think is a reasonable approximation for junk singles value's.

The rarity abreviations are as follows: F - Fixed, C - Common, CF - Common Foil, U - Uncommon, UF - Uncommon Foil, R - Rare, RF - Rare Foil, UR - Ultra Rare.