Friday, March 7, 2014

Broken Cards Episode 5: Gotta Catch 'Em All.

Today's Broken cards is going to focus on the only Problem card that qualifies as broken. There aren't many that fit into this category, so I'll just go ahead and reveal it before the jump: May the Best Pet Win. That's why I called the article Gotta Catch 'Em All. You know, pet's battling, like Pokemon...


Anyway, bad jokes aside, this card is quite broken. Magic players may recognize this card as a "Tutor", or a card which allows you to search your deck for another card and put it into your hand. Several of the best cards in magic are Tutors and many command high prices on the secondary market because they are so usable. Tutors never go out of fashion, as long as the cards they are searching for don't stop being printed. Critters seem like a fairly thematic archetype for the Ponies CCG, so I doubt that they are going to stop being printed.

Why is it Broken?

This card also has the advantage of costing nothing. Literally nothing. Just wait for it to pop up on your Problem Deck and go search for a critter. That alone would make this a ridiculously good Problem, even if it only searched for something extremely specific, a free card is a free card. But instead you search for a Critter, probably the best thing that you could search for.

Some of you may be wondering why critters are one of the best things you could search for, they are fairly weak on your own and you'd rather search for an Ultra-Rare friend. Critters may not be Rarity Truly Outrageous, but they have massive synergy. Critters play together extremely well, boosting other friends (eg. Forest Owl) or helping each other move around for free (eg. Falcon), that and they give bonuses friends with Caretaker. There are some seriously powerful Yellow critter focused decks out there in the current meta, part of the reason being is that they can throw this card in their problem deck and get out a Falcon or another Forest Owl to secure the win.


Currently this card is fairly cheap, hovering at around 35 cents fair value on But, as far as problem card prices are concerned that's massive, with most hovering at around 20 cents. You may not get rich hoarding these cards right now, but eventually, given this games continued success, they should be worth at least 10$. For Magic the Gatherings Tutors it seems like they are either worth a bunch of money immediately and fall of to 10-20$ or they start cheap and then in 5 years they are worth 10-20$

So this many not be worth much now and it may take quite a while for it to be worth much. Even so, no reason to not pick up two of these for 70 cents right now, if you ever think you're likely to play a Critter deck.

Current Price: ~$0.35
My Projection (In a few Years): $10

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